Why Are My Feet Cold and What Can I Do About It?

why are my feet cold

At some point, everyone’s feet are cold and in need of a pair of toasty socks. Wrapping up in a warm blanket and slipping on a pair of soft slippers or socks is a popular form of self-care. You may wonder why your feet get cold and there are several possible reasons.

Why Do Feet Get Cold?

Feet, noses, ears, and hands are extremities and tend to get cold first. Extremities are farther away from the heart and it takes longer for blood to circulate to these areas. When your body experiences cold temperatures, it naturally adjusts the circulation of blood to the core of your body to support vital organs. As circulation to extremities slows down, hands and feet may get cold. In this situation, it is perfectly normal to experience cold feet during cold temperatures. Feet may remain cold for a prolonged period of time depending on your exposure to the cold temperatures. The best way to prevent your feet from getting cold in frigid temperatures is to wear socks and shoes designed to protect feet from the elements.

Many people experience cold feet when they are not exposed to cold temperatures. Cold feet can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition.

Poor Circulation Can Result in Cold Feet

We already know that our body limits circulation to our feet when we are experiencing cold temperatures, but, what if our feet get cold when we are in our home or office? Poor circulation can occur for several reasons, including:

    • Living a sedentary lifestyle. Our bodies are designed for movement and they function best when we move frequently. If you have a long commute or sit at a desk for most of your day, you may develop poor circulation.
    • You are diagnosed with Peripheral Arterial Disease. This form of heart disease can cause poor circulation in the feet and legs, resulting in cold feet. This condition may have serious consequences and should be diagnosed and treated by a physician.
    • You smoke. Smoking cigarettes or cigars is known to limit circulation throughout the body. Nicotine causes arteries to become narrow and also leads to hardened arteries. 
    • You are experiencing high stress levels. Experiencing high levels of stress can increase adrenaline levels, which can decrease circulation to extremities.

Iron Deficiency Can Lead to Cold Feet

Iron is an essential mineral that supports several functions within our bodies. One of its most important roles is to form red blood cells that carry oxygen to every part of our bodies. People with depleted iron often report having cold feet.

Nerve Damage Can Cause Cold Feet

People who experience nerve damage caused by a trauma or a disease, like diabetes, may suffer from cold feet. Neuropathy is a leading cause of cold feet and although the nerve damage is permanent, there are ways to treat the symptoms and prevent them from worsening.

What Can I Do About My Cold Feet?

cold feet remedy

If you experience chronic cold feet, the first step is to consult with a physician to determine the cause. It is important to rule out any major health concerns that may cause you to have cold feet. Fortunately, there are options for relieving cold feet at home.

  • Get moving. When you notice that your feet are cold, it is time to get up and move around a bit. Movement will help to increase circulation, which will warm up your feet. 
  • Soak your feet. If you are at home and have a foot bath, soaking cold feet in warm water is a quick way to relieve cold feet. 
  • Wear cozy slippers. Warm, well-insulated slippers offer immediate relief for cold feet. CosySoles Microwave Heated Slippers are highly recommended by experts.
  • Use a heating pad. For nighttime relief, rest your feet on a CosySoles Microwave Heated Body Warmer to keep toes toasty all night. 

Everyone experiences cold feet from time to time. If your feet are chronically cold, it is recommended that you discuss the issue with your doctor. In the meantime, use these home remedies to quickly relieve the discomfort associated with cold feet.

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