Sizing Chart


Size Ladies Shoe Size Men's Shoe Size
Small 5 - 7   (9.5 inches) 4 - 6   (9.5 inches)
Medium 7.5 - 9   (10.5 inches) 6.5 - 8.5   (10.5 inches)
Large 9.5 - 11   (11.5 inches) 9 - 12   (11.5 inches)

IMPORTANT: When ordering CosySoles Microwave Heated Slippers, please keep in mind that each of the sizes covers a range of foot lengths. If you find the slippers fit a little on the large size, wearing socks can help. If the slippers feel snug, we suggest wearing with bare feet. Please note that the slippers are soft and will adapt comfortably to your foot over time. The soft, polar fleece material of the slipper allows some stretch to occur if they initially feel snug. The Velcro®ankle straps will help to hold the slippers comfortably on your feet. Please note the measurements provided above prior to placing your order. In cases where you are able to measure the persons foot for whom the slippers are for, we recommend for the best fit.