Warm Feet Help Sleep

Cold feet at night in bed can affect sleep quality. A study led by Dr. Anne Wirz-Justice has shown that thermoregulation, the body's heat distribution process, is linked to sleep cycles. Redistributing body heat to the legs and feet can increase sleepiness and help initiate a more restful night's sleep. 

Researchers at the Sleep Laboratory in Switzerland reported that the degree of blood vessel dilation of the hands and feet are the best predictors for rapid sleep onset. The dilation of blood vessels increases the amount of heat loss. The studies showed that the greater the heat loss, the longer time it took to fall asleep. 

CosySoles Heated Slippers Warm Feet Help You Sleep

Many people who had been unable to sleep as a result of painfully cold feet at night, report they actually wear their CosySoles Heated Slippers to bed and are able to sleep through the night. We have received many testimonials to confirm the benefits of having warm feet for better sleep. The sleep strategy of using a heating pad (i.e. CosySoles Microwave Heated Body Warmer) or heated slippers (i.e. CosySoles Microwave Heated Slippers) before bed is also recommended by Sleep.Org (National Sleep Foundation)