Foot Care & Prevention

We are all looking for the miracle of eternal youth and good health! Staying active is important to our health. Healthy feet are important in order to stay active. Important factors to maintain healthy feet include:

  • Clean Feet - keep your feet clean and examine your feet regularly
  • Inspection - check for cracks and signs of infection
  • Moisturize - keep dry skin moisturized
  • Protection - insulate your feet from cold temperatures
  • Shoes that Fit - poorly fitted shoes create calluses, corns, and bunions. High-heeled shoes can be major culprit as they aggravate ingrown toenails and toe/nail deformities
  • Temperature Changes - result in dry, cracked skin and inflammation and poor circulation
  • Improper Care & Neglect - may lead to infection, abscess and fungus i.e. Athletes Foot