How to Warm Chronic Cold Feet

How to Warm Chronic Cold Feet

For most people, warming up cold feet after being outside in cold weather is an occasional inconvenience. Maybe your socks got wet or you didn't wear appropriate cold weather shoes. After a few minutes indoors, your feet are warm again. However, for many people, experiencing chronic cold feet is an ongoing struggle. Coping with cold feet on a daily basis is irritating and can even be painful. 

Ways to Warm Chronic Cold Feet

There are several reasons for why your feet are chronically cold. These cold feet remedies are temporary solutions. It is important to seek medical help to determine why you are experiencing chronic cold feet and work towards more permanent relief. 

1. Get Moving

If you are sitting at your desk for an extended period of time or reclining in your favorite chair watching a movie and you notice that your feet are cold, it is time to get up and move. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can reduce circulation to your legs and feet. Commit to get up and take a walk or do some stretching every 30 minutes. 

2. Soak Your Feet

Not only will the warm water of a foot bath soothe your cold feet, it will also increase circulation. Add some epsom salt to the foot bath to relieve aches and as an added circulation boost. If your chronic cold feet are the worst at night, soak your feet in a foot bath every night before getting into bed for the night. 

3. Practice Foot and Toe Exercises

Specific foot and toe exercises are effective for warming up feet quickly. Try these quick movements:

  • Rotate your ankle for 10 seconds in one direction and then reverse the direction for 10 more seconds. Repeat.
  • Point your toes and then flex. Repeat.
  • Leading with your big toe, simulate writing each letter of the alphabet with only your foot.

Working these exercises into your routine a few times each day will help to increase circulation and reduce cold feet.

4. Wear CosySoles

Recommended by experts on cold feet, CosySoles are super soft and warm slippers that are simple to heat and wear. The CosySoles unique, patented design allows those afflicted with cold feet to walk comfortably while wearing the slippers. 

5. Drink More Water

Hydrating your body helps your circulatory system to run smoothly, improving blood flow to extremities, like feet. The better your circulation, the less likely you will be to suffer from chronic cold feet. Drinking more water is a simple way to help with cold feet.

6. Wear the Right Socks

Choosing socks that are thick and made with natural fibers, like wool or cotton, will help to hold in foot warmth and keep your toes toasty. Along with the right socks, wear comfortable shoes that do not constrict your feet too much. Tight shoes can limit circulation, resulting in cold feet. 

If your toes are frequently chilly, try a few of these remedies to warm them up.

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