To safely heat your CosySoles foot warmers, use the following microwave heating times for a single Slipper: 

    • Small 1 minute per slipper (add 1 minute for 2 slippers)
    • Medium 1 minute and 10 seconds per slipper
      (add 1 minute for 2 slippers)
    • Large 1 minute and 20 seconds per slipper
      (add 1 minute for 2 slippers)
    • X Large 1 minute and 30 seconds per slipper
      (add 1 minute for 2 slippers)

  • These are the suggested maximum times for a 650 watt microwave. Please reduce timings accordingly when using 750 watt or 1000 watt appliances.

  • Do not overheat. Always follow these "Instructions for Use". These products could cause burns if these instructions are not followed correctly.

  • Before placing Slippers in the microwave, check inside for foreign objects and remove them.

  • For safe heating, place the Slippers in the centre of the microwave.

    • Let the Slippers return to room temperature before re-heating. The following minimum times are required between heatings;
      • Slippers (Small and Medium) 45 minutes/pair
      • Slippers (Large and X Large) 60 minutes/pair


  • Do not re-heat the Slippers more than 6 times in one day.

  • Prior to placing your CosySoles heated slippers on your feet, put your hand in the slipper to ensure that the temperature of your warm foot is comfortable for you.

  • Keep warm slippers clean and dry and DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER.

  • CosySoles slippers can also be used as a cold application for inflammations by placing them in a plastic bag and leaving in the freezer for 1 to 3 hours.

  • Note that our slippers may not have a separate left and right in which case the straps on a pair of CosySoles wrap around the ankle in the same direction; this is by design.