About Us

25 years ago, our Dad had no intention of starting a business; his only concern was finding a solution to one problem near to his heart. Our mother suffered from a neuromuscular condition which caused poor circulation and painfully cold feet called CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth). 

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The only solution at that time was to immerse her feet in hot water, which left her restricted in many ways. With the determination to develop a product that was warm, comfortable, and allowed for mobility, our Dad single-handedly stitched the very first pair of CosySoles.

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These slippers were life-changing for our Mom, and before long our parents realized that CosySoles could help so many others. The discovery of a wide array of disorders which caused cold feet, led to the decision to share the warmth of CosySoles with the rest of the world.

In 2009, we appeared as a family, on CBC’s Dragon’s Den which led to further exposure and an investment deal with Brett Wilson. The response from the episode was amazing and we were grateful, humbled, and thrilled with the resulting increase in demand.

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Our Dad kept the business going strong for years. It became a true passion into which he put his heart and soul. We witnessed his tireless dedication to manufacture and market a high quality therapeutic product that would have a major impact on so many lives.

Sadly, our Dad passed away in 2013, after battling strong and eventually losing to Cancer. This unimaginable loss left our family in despair. There is no recovering from this loss, but after some time, it is the moments of light and the memories of our Dad that help us stay strong.

The torch has now been passed along to us ‘kids’. After years of pursuing our own careers and experiencing the ups and downs of life, we’re ready to spread the warmth a little further. We hold with us the lessons and qualities of our Dad and remain humble to where we began. We remain true to creating a quality Canadian made product that helps warm the soles and the soul.

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