CosySoles Microwave Heated ‘Hand Warmers

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CosySoles Microwave Heated ‘Hand Warmers
CosySoles Microwave Heated ‘Hand Warmers CosySoles Microwave Heated ‘Hand Warmers CosySoles Microwave Heated ‘Hand Warmers CosySoles Microwave Heated ‘Hand Warmers

COMPARTMENTALIZED GRAIN: This design prevents shifting or sagging of the grain. Direct heat for top of hands. Soothing heat application to area of hands most in need.

CANADIAN GRAIN (Natural, Hypoallergenic): Most grains have excellent heat retention properties which help the warmth last. No fear of overheating while wearing them. Can also be used as a cold application by placing in the freezer.

MADE WITH POLAR FLEECE: Soft, comfortable fabric. Polar fleece has a natural stretch, providing comfort and flexibility to the wearer.



UNIVERSAL SIZE: Available in one size fits all. Allows for comforting, versatile fit for those cold hands

Instructions for Use


To safely heat your CosySoles Microwave Heated Hand Warmers, use the following microwave heating times for a single Hand Warmer:

45 seconds per Hand Warmer

(add 30 seconds for 2 Hand Warmers)

-These are the suggested maximum times for a 650 watt microwave. Please reduce timings accordingly when using 750 watt or 1000 watt appliances.

-Do not overheat. Always follow these "Instructions for Use". These products could cause burns if these instructions are not followed correctly.

-Before placing Hand Warmers in the microwave, check inside for foreign objects and remove them.

-For safe heating, place the Hand Warmers in the center of the microwave.

-Let the Hand Warmers return to room temperature before re-heating. The following minimum times are required between heatings; 45 minutes per Pair

-Do not re-heat the Hand Warmers more than 6 times in one day.

-Prior to placing your CosySoles Hand Warmers on your hands, put your hand in the slipper to ensure that the temperature of your warm hand is comfortable for you.

-Keep warm Hand Warmers clean and dry and DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER. 

CosySoles Microwave Heated Slippers - Instructions For Use

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