Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom & Dad

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom & Dad

Every holiday season, I’m seemingly faced with the same challenge of finding that unique gift for my mother or father that is truly memorable. The easy and less thoughtful gift is always that gift card to a favorite store or restaurant. I think we’re all guilty of resorting to the gift card purchase especially on those occasions when we’ve been too busy to forward plan. The E-gift card only makes this proposition more tempting. If you’re like me, my mother and father are of the baby boomer generation and I’ve now been buying their gifts with an increasing budget for fifteen years so it’s not difficult to imagine the ever growing difficulty of finding that truly unique gift.

E-Commerce Retailers

The increasing popularity of E-commerce retailers and merchants should give us all hope that more ideas and more products are out there to help solve the problem of a thoughtful unique gift for mom or dad. I’ve done some homework myself in preparation for the next Christmas gift and many more to follow. A good online resource is the list of best Shopify stores and DTC brands opening physical locations in 2021.

Before me, my mother and father found that our product really fit the idea of a unique gift which came to light in their early success marketing CosySoles at the One-of-a-kind show in Toronto. Every year they’d attend the event and get great feedback especially from those that had never even conceived of the concept of a microwave heated slipper. I’m not sure if this is why I’m now so unwavering in my annual pursuit of that unique gift for my mother.

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