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  • DOCPODS ORTHOTIC INSOLES ARE USED TO TREAT FOOT PAIN - Foot pain is largely due to mechanical wear and tear on the foot through over pronation. Docpods orthotics help to limit over pronation and decrease foot pain.

  • MYFOOTSHOP - foot care products

  • FOOTCARE CENTRAL - footcare health and products

  • FOOT PAIN - Greatly enhance the comfort and shock absorbing properties of your insoles with the WalkFitT cushions. Use them while running, walking, or even standing, and you'll feel like you are walking on air!

  • WELLINGTON BOOT - Online Boot Store is providing wide range of great Wellington Boots at reasonable prices along with free shipping!

  • HIGH HEEL SHOE STRETCHER, FOOT ODOR AND CARE, OVERSHOES - Offers shoe accessories and foot care products including boot bags, diabetic socks, insoles, shoe brushes, shoe horns, and shoe shine kits.

  • CUSTOM FOOT ORTHOTICS - We custom make high quality foot orthotics from a foot mold taken at home, and ship them directly to you. The orthotics are the same quality available at your podiatrist at a greatly discounted price.

  • FOOT ORTHOTICS - RS Scan Lab has a unique podiatry clinic in the UK that provides feet orthotics which improves foot function and gives relief from foot pain and the benefit of stabilizing the foot's movement.

  • BIRKENSTOCK SHOES - Birkenstock Shoes is a name that means quality and comfort. Birkenstocks Shoes unique design and signature style keep them at the top of the list year after year. Check out the selection of Birkenstock shoes at - Free Shipping with every purchase.

  • SNUG AUSTRALIA UGG BOOTS - Authentic Australian Made Ugg Boots and Sheepskin Footwear. Great range of adult and kids uggs, sheepskin boots and slippers at low prices. Worldwide shipping.

  • JORDAN SHOES - Latest on Sneakers, Jordan Shoes, Fashion, and everything culture.

  • WALKING ON A CLOUD - We stock a large selection of brand named shoes as Rockport Shoes, Ecco Shoes, Clarks Shoes available in a full range of sizes and widths engineered to fit every foot type.



  • WHEELCHAIRS AND ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIRS - Your best choice for help on wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs and other disability products.



  • NEW AWAKENINGS - products to awaken the body, mind and spirit

  • CANADA SHOPPING LINKS - Shop Canadian! A comprehensive listing of sites offering on-line shopping in Canadian dollars.


  • GIFTS PLUS MORE - personal gifts

  • LEATHER ATTRACTIONS - Offers high quality leather jackets, coats, >> pants, skirts, blazers, vests, shorts, biker, lambskin shirts, >> Motorcycle jackets, with a wide range of sizes for men and women at >> 60% to 70% discounted prices

  • WHOLESALE WOMEN'S CLOTHING - Direct to you from the factory supplier of wholesale women clothing from Downtownoffprice.



  • ARTHRITUS FOUNDATION - Provides help and information for people with arthritis.

  • THE ARTHRITUS & GLUCOSAMINE INFORMATION CENTER - Information on arthritis and glucosamine, the latest research, details on arthritis medications and treatments, product reviews and tips for effectively managing your pain.

  • CHILDREN'S CHRONIC ARTHRITUS ASSOCIATION, UK - Provides help and information for children with arthritis, their families and professionals involved in their care.

  • DISETRONIC - Our line of precision insulin pumps and pens is among the most advanced available.

  • FITNESS CONNECTION - A great resource for everything fitness.

  • THE FOOT DOCTOR - Joshua Kaye DPM. The Foot Doctor can diagnose and treat foot diseases, disorders, and injuries such as bunions, heel spurs, hammertoes, sports injuries and other foot problems.

  • FOOT PAIN - Information about foot pain and related foot problems including shoe recommendations.

  • FOOTWEB - A foot care treatment information resource.

  • MEN'S AND WOMEN'S HEALTH ISSUES - Locating leading health manufacturers & outlets.

  • NUTRITION, HEALTH, DIET, FITNESS TIPS, INFORMATION, ADVICE FOR ALL - Freebies, special dietary recipes, articles, tips, training manuals, FREE E-Cookbooks - all dedicated to your health

  • RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS SUPPORT NETWORK - Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder that typically affects the small joints in your hands and feet.

  • SOCIETY OF CHIROPODISTS AND PODIATRISTS - New Feet For Life website. Information about foot health, "Find a chiropodist" service and career information.

  • WALKING CONNECTION - The definitive walkers' resource. Clubs, groups, trail information, and more!

  • PRONEX CERVICAL TRACTION AND NECK PILLOW - Use this cervical traction unit and neck pillow to restore the curve in your neck. The normal cervical curve can improve your health and helps you get rid of unwanted symptoms such as neck pain and back pain.

  • Aids to Daily Living - WWW.4EVERACTIVE.COM - Our products can provide you or a loved one with "Freedom for Life" by improving health, safety and comfort in the home, and making the task of care giving easier.

  • FOOT CARE - Do you get ankle and back of foot pain? Foot pain is a very common problem and the majority of the population has got pain in their feet once some part in their lives.

  • ORTHESISTES MONTREAL - The mission of the orthotists and prosthetists of LABORATOIRE LANGELIER LANOUE is to restore the patient's well-being by bringing the body back into balance and correcting the posture.

  • SPONDYLITIS - Spondylitis is an inflammation of the vertebral joints. With the exercises and meditations taught in Yoga, people with Ankylosing Spondylitis will greatly improve their flexibility and breathing.

  • MEDICAL SOFTWARE - Bizmatics provides fully integrated and customizable medical software solutions consisting PrognoCIS EMR, PrognoCIS Billing, PrognoCIS patient portal and PrognoCIS eTools.

  • SCHOOLS OF PHARMACY - Worldwide pharmacy schools directory. Find schools of Pharmacy around the world.

  • DIET CHART FOR WEIGHT LOSS - A handy diet chart for weight loss! Know more about how to lose weight effectively without any loss of energy.