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Welcome to a brief history of how CosySoles slippers evolved to be the number one choice for anyone suffering with cold feet. It can quite simply be summed up in one sentence; “Necessity is the Mother of Invention!”

My name is Patricia. I was born with a neuromuscular disease called CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth). Along with other symptoms, I suffered constantly with freezing feet, resulting in excruciating nerve pain which made life miserable!

I searched constantly for a solution to my problem. Trying every available product on the market including: thermal socks and battery-operated slippers but nothing worked!

In order to find pain relief, I was confined to sitting with my feet on a heating pad or in a bowl of hot water. But as a busy mother of three this was not a solution. I needed to be able to heat my feet and still have the freedom to move around.

My husband Allan and our three children: Melissa, Amanda and Jordan were anxious to help. It was clear that what I needed was a heated slipper that would warm my feet and allow me to move around. With the knowledge that certain natural grains could be heated in the microwave, the research began.

Starting with some very basic design patterns, Allan and our oldest daughter, Melissa pulled out my old sewing machine. After many frustrating attempts along with some comical results, we eventually had a pair of slippers that actually worked. I was ecstatic – finally freedom from frozen feet!

It wasn't long before we realized that the need for a cold foot solution went well beyond our family and that these slippers were uniquely able to fill that need. Melissa submitted our heated slippers to her university's juried craft show. We couldn't believe how much everyone loved our slippers -CosySoles” were the hot item of the show!

This success led to our family’s participation in other shows including, “The One of A Kind Show” in Toronto, where we were blown away with the amazing response. We then realized we had a great product with mass appeal.

There are millions of people, just like me, who suffer with cold feet. Understanding the pain and discomfort they feel, we want to help. We did not set out to start a business we were just looking for a solution to a personal problem. Thankfully we found the solution and have been able to help so many people who had the same problem. There are over 20 million people in the U.S. alone who have some form of peripheral neuropathy, resulting in cold and painful feet.

We've built our business based on this incredible demand and our desire to help everyone who needs relief from cold feet and hands. (We have added hand-warmers to our product line).

The patented design of CosySoles heated slippers makes them unique, combining comforting warmth with the freedom to stay mobile. We've received so many touching testimonials thanking us for coming up with this idea and telling us what a difference the slippers have made.

CosySoles began when we started looking for a solution to a very specific problem … cold feet. We weren't looking to start a business but that is what we had been doing quietly, on a part time basis, with the help of our three children.

In 2009 a successful appearance on CBC's top rated reality show “Dragons’ Den” helped our business grow to the next level. We were thrilled to make a deal on the show with Brett Wilson and to have the amazing exposure to the show’s huge television audience. This provided a wonderful opportunity to reach out to everyone suffering with cold feet and to let them know that we have a solution to their problem.

The fact that you visited our website makes me believe that you or someone you care about has this same problem. We are happy you found us and hope we can be of help.

Warmest wishes!

The Kotack Family